Anatomy of a Foot . 14/12/15

December 15, 2015

Anatomy of blue foot

Petulia meets a very Peculiar Cat

December 6, 2015

Petulia front cover

Princess painting.. DEC 2015

December 6, 2015

princess paintingNEW.jpg

friend wanted princess’s

November 29, 2015


November 29, 2015


Party is over
i’ve been looking for rainbows in search of treasure
for so many years
I wouldn’t even recognise waht gold looks like anymore, even when i found it

Lost at sea, in a world of dreams
i only learnt from what i dont need
money and fame
self respect

guess nialism has nothing on me
the proof is in my flame proof tears of shame
Time for a
Tool shed

To construct some outer space plan
constant shifting shapes
demogrraphic patterns
that will one day leed to the destruction of everything.. or nothing
maybe this is all just a dream

Even if i had lost it, I guess i already found it


Call the police, this party is over.. Time to go back to the
Tool shed!

Drawing comission.

November 29, 2015

Wired for sound . Studio 19 07

July 19, 2015


I am tired of being angry believing in dust cloud bombs Heretic dreams giving me hell diamonds on a playing card look like drunken squares dancing Abstract sandwich people with grown tusks perfect symmetry gold on rust waves of lust spit out dinner drowned opinion . Guess its time to consider another option. Take out a mortgage, white picket fence and two kids.

July 19, 2015


Paper dry memories of steel

July 19, 2015

complete memory loss of the never again

11th of nowhere on a friday morning

July 10, 2015

TWIG sticks studio rumsickstudio P1080048 P1080277